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Mike Springer Creator  Founder

Take Me There - Bob James feat. Joun SonyonMike Springer
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Mike Springer Is A Detroit Native, Born and  Raised.  Mike's Parents saw that  

He took an interest In Piano at the age of 7 

and Started Playing the Piano in his father's Church where he grew up with 5 brothers and one sister who also are singers and musicians. Mike played the drums and bass guitar with his Older Brothers. The entire family was musically talented. Mike then later found a interest in Jazz music with the likes of Ramsey Lewis,  Joe Sample and Herbie Hancock, just to name few. Smooth Jazz was always a first love outside his gospel roots, The Electric Keyboards became apart of Mike's Musical Journey where he loved to create music, then saw an opportunity to start his very own smooth jazz & r&b online radio station. Thus, WKDMJAZZDETROITRADIO was born.

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